How many accounts can be registered in the online program FASTDEVELOP.LTD?

You can register only one active account. "Active account" means a registered account that was used for any investment in our program.

Can my family members register their own accounts in your program using the same IP address as I do, but different personal computers?

Yes. Similar registrations are allowed provided that each member of your family will use another online wallet to make investments if they use the same payment systems as you.

I can not log in to my account, or I forgot / lost the password. What shall I do?

First, you should use our "Forgot the Password" dialog to request a password (you can see this dialog box next to the "Login" button). This form will reset your password to access your account. You can also contact our support team for instructions.

What is the minimum and maximum amount for making a deposit?

The minimum amount for creating a deposit is only $10 (the minimum deposit for BitCoin is 0.001 BTC). The maximum amount that you can invest in the project is $10,000.

How many simultaneous deposits can I make in your company?

The number of investment transactions that you can make with our company is unlimited.

Can I deposit money from my account balance?

Yes. To do this, use the button "Reinvest" in your account.

What payment systems can be used to invest in the program?

You can invest using the following payment systems:Perfect Money, BTC, AdvCash, Payeer.

Once I have created a withdrawal request, how long will it take for the system to process it?

All withdrawal transactions are performed manually by our staff and may take up to 24 hours.

What is the minimum amount to be withdrawn?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1$ (0.0005 BTC).

Is the maximum withdrawal amount limited?

No. The maximum withdrawal amount is unlimited.

Can I change my payment details?

Payment details can be changed only through the project support by sending a request from the email to which the account is registered.

How much money can I earn using your affiliate program?

1% of the partner's deposit, available to all registered users of FASTDEVELOP.LTD.


If you have any questions, please contact our support team...